Drones can offer a vast range of applications and prove to be versatile tools that can change how existing businesses operate.
Whether you find yourself in one industry or many, AeroV Financial has the solution to empower your ROV financing needs.

Commercial Drones for Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

A high quality, aerial view of farm fields can be very helpful in observing, evaluating and responding to both inter and intra-field crop conditions. Using UAV mapping technology, producers can accurately assess critical data about crop yield, terrain features/topography, moisture & nitrogen levels, organic matter content and other vital information. From this important metric data, strategies can be developed in order to minimize detrimental conditions and optimize crop yields.

Commercial Drones for Civil Infrastructure

Civil Infrastructure

UAV's are having a significant impact on the ability of industry professionals to inspect critical infrastructure construction such as bridges, towers or buildings. This technology has made the maintenance and inspection of these large structures much more accurate and comprehensive. Operational efficiencies and cost savings are quickly realized from using UAV technology in these endeavors.

Commercial Drone Financing for Construction


Construction professionals are rapidly adopting UAV technology as a very effective way to create new operational efficiencies that were previously not available to them. A highly detailed view from the air of a construction site can give management very important information to maximize productivity. Evaluating such things as inventory stockpiles & placement, site layout design, earth movement measurements as well as other valuable data can yield a great amount of information that would not be as easily accessible from the ground.

Commercial Drones for Insurance, Inspections and Adjusting

Insurance Inspections & Adjusting

UAV's make the work of insurance professionals much more accurate, while also achieving significant cost savings. Underwriting & risk inspections of structures and property sites can be done much more comprehensively and in greater detail from the air. In addition, the claims adjusting process is made much more efficient by UAV's as physical damage assessments to large insured assets can be evaluated much more quickly and completely.

Commercial Drones for Mining and Aggregates

Mining & Aggregates

The benefits of using Uav technology in the mining/aggregate business has revolutionized the industry in many ways. Safety has been greatly impacted, as UAV's are used to help people stay out of harm's way. Site roads are also made much safer by being able to accurately monitor traffic flow, road conditions and inherent hazards. Giant mining equipment, such as cranes can be inspected much better from an aerial view as well. Lastly, stock pile levels can be evaluated and inventory reports generated from UAV data. Significant cost efficiencies are the result of UAV utilization.

Commercial Drones for Power, Process and Utilities

Power, Process & Utilities

The Power, Process & Utility industry has adopted UAV technology in wide spread use. Worker safety has been greatly improved, as utility employees no longer have to phisically climb to great heights in order to inspect poles, gas lines and other equipment. Coal inventories can also be accurately measured from the bird's eye view provided by UAV's. Lastly, UAV technology provides huge cost savings to the industry as well.

Commercial Drones for Surveying and Mapping

Surveying & Mapping

Harnessing UAV technology has completely transformed the Survey and Mapping industry. Utilizing such features as digital photography, radar, infrared sensors and GPS navigation, UAV's can now rapidly survey and map any given location, all under the control of one vehicle pilot. The use of UAV equipment has eliminated the need for multi-employee crews to travel far distances and carry cumbersome equipment for surveying projects.

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