Utilizing UAV Technology For Surveying & Mapping

Historically, the process of mapping and surveying a geographical area involved the formation of multiple person crews who had to often travel long distances, carry heavy equipment and endure inclement conditions. Modern UAV (drone) technology has revolutionized how mapping and surveying is conducted in a wide variety of industries. Whether it be in agriculture, urban planning, construction, mining, utilities or a variety of other business sectors, the use of drones saves time, money, labor and other valuable resources.

UAV Use In Mapping

Drone Photography

Mapping a physical location is essential for practically any land use project. During the last one hundred  years, aerial photography, initially executed via hot air balloon and then by helicopter or plane took the mapping profession into a new age. However, UAV technology has surpassed even the most sophisticated mapping techniques of the past. Today drones can employ Lidar, orthophotography, GPS and air based, ground penetrating radar to produce mapping data unheard of even twenty five years ago. The level of data accuracy and insight that can be gained by drone based mapping strategies is astonishing and these capabilities continue to make significant advances with each passing year.

Drones & Surveying

Surveying is the accurate identification of physical features or points on a portion of land and the calculation of the distance between them for documentation purposes. Historically, surveyors used a wide variety of land-based tools such as theodolites, tripods, magnetic locators and various other hand tools. UAV technology has changed the way that surveying is conducted through the utilization of automated gyroscopes, GPS systems and accelerometers. UAV’s are able to capture surveying data with a high degree of accuracy, efficiency and in much less time than was required with traditional instruments.

The Future Of The Mapping & Survey Industry

The use of drone aircraft is expected to dominate the mapping and survey industry in the near future. As UAV technology continues to grow more capable and sophisticated, wide spread adoption is inevitable. Drone manufacturers will remain committed to creating more accurate and cost effective methods for mapping and survey professionals to produce outstanding results for their clients, no matter what industry is utilizing their services.  New markets and opportunities will continue to open up for the portion of the mapping and survey sector that fully embraces the capabilities of UAV technology.

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