How UAV equipment financing works with AeroV Financial

Getting drone financing can be a fast and easy way to finance up to 100% of the value of your drones. Simply complete an application on our website. Once your application is received, we will review your request and your credit history. Most businesses can qualify for equipment financing. How much you qualify for and the interest you pay depends on the value of the equipment, your business history, and credit rating.

Maximum Financing Amount = Up to 100% of equipment value

Financing Term = 36 to 48 months

Response Time = As fast as 24 hours

Get Insured to Fly Drones

There are two primary types of coverage AeroV will require for financing:

Liability Insurance

Liability is the base policy for aviation insurance. It protects the business from Property Damage and Bodily Injury claims that may occur from day-to-day operations. The business operator needs to have this insurance before it can purchase any additional coverage. Liability limits usually start at $500,000 and generally can be increased as needed for the business and clients.

Hull Insurance

After getting liability insurance, hull insurance is necessary to protect the drones and minimize cost from any physical damage drones encounter. The amount of coverage required is decided on an “Agreed Value” basis, meaning that the amount is based on the agreed upon value of the drone. When financing new drones, this value will be the purchase price. If AeroV engages with a customer to finance a used drone, it will be mandatory to get an appraisal of the drone and all equipment financed.

Let us show you how the right finance partner can help your ROV business soar.

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