UAV technology has revolutionized the way that insurance companies and adjusters conduct their claim assessments and inspections of buildings, equipment and farmland.  Here are just some of the many benefits of drones in the insurance industry.

Property Inspections

Roof Damage Assessments

Roofs of tall buildings are extremely difficult and dangerous for people to access, once a fire or natural disaster has taken place. Instead of an adjuster trying to physically reach a roofline to conduct a damage assessment and document his findings with pictures, a simple and relatively short drone flight can accomplish the same task with an astonishing level of detail and accuracy.

Boiler Inspections

For carriers that insure large, commercial structures, regular inspections of boilers and other pressure vessel related equipment is extremely important.  Because boilers in plants and other industrial facilities are usually several stories tall, it is hazardous for people to physically inspect this kind equipment. Drones can be used to conduct comprehensive assessments of boiler systems to verify that they are safe to operate.  UAV usage has proven to make these kinds of inspections safer for personnel and less costly for insurance companies.

Natural Disaster Claims Adjusting

Often when a natural disaster such as a tornado or hurricane takes place, it is very difficult for claims adjusters to access the affected areas to assess damage to buildings and other insured structures. Camera equipped drones can easily fly over these locations and document conditions with a high degree of accuracy.

Agricultural Insurance Inspections and Risk Assessments

Insurance companies that cover farming operations have used drones very effectively to inspect fields for damage or other possible claim related issues. Common problems in the agricultural industry are often better detected from the air, so appropriate measures can be taken to minimize or prevent a loss from occurring.

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