The Benefits Of Drones In Mining

With a single fly over, a UAV or Drone can capture the same amount of information that previously took mining crews days or weeks to gather with regard to analyzing a site. It is clear that UAV technology has transformed the way that business is done in the mining and aggregate industry.

Drone Inspections & Mine Safety

One of the most dramatic benefits of drone utilization in the surface mining and aggregate industry has been in the area of human safety. Mining has been made much safer in a number of key areas for site employees. Drones can ensure that an area is clear before explosives are detonated. In addition, UAV’s can monitor the amount of air born fumes and dust in the environment after a blast has taken place.

Another important safety advantage of drone use is that they can be utilized to monitor a site’s traffic flow, in order to reduce congestion and minimize the risk of equipment collisions. In addition, road conditions and other related hazards are more accurately assessed from an aerial inspection, as compared to evaluations being conducted on the ground. Lastly, huge, vertical equipment such as cranes can be thoroughly inspected for safety concerns during a drone flight.

Stockpile & Inventory Management

In a surface mining operation, stockpiles and overall site mapping has been traditionally costly and difficult to accomplish with ground based measurement methods. UAV technology has completely transformed that way that these vitally important tasks are conducted. On board UAV software provides mine site managers with highly accurate and detailed metrics on stockpiles, terrain and other important information that can be used to optimize the efficiency and productivity of site operations. Drones virtually eliminate the need for crews to physically walk a site in the attempt to capture the same data. Because UAV technology allows mining companies to conduct mapping surveys more frequently, site inventory levels can be documented with precision accuracy.

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