AeroV Financial is the only financial services company dedicated to the Commercial Drone/UAV industry. We are a part of the UAV community and understand the unique financial and equipment needs of commercial drone operators. Our services to this community include:

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    Financing UAV Equipment

    Custom financing packages via lease and loan products to best fit the needs of the operator.

    AeroV Financial offers an equipment lease, which allows you to rent a drone with a monthly payment, but you don’t own the drone during the lease term. AeroV Financial also offers an equipment finance option which is a collateralized loan that allows you to purchase your drone. 

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    Vendor Partnerships

    Vendor programs to help manufacturers market and sell commercial drone packages.

    AeroV Financial partners with UAV manufacturers and vendors to join forces and leverage our knowledge of the drone industry and equipment to better serve our customers.

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    Equipment Valuations

    Market valuations of commercial drone equipment to better understand secondary market values.

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    Data Analytics

    Data knowledge on how to best organize and analyze the data produced from commercial drone applications.

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The experienced professionals at AeroV Financial have extensive backgrounds in both aviation and the field of equipment leasing/lending. No matter in what industry you intend to use a drone, AeroV Financial is your one stop solution for all of your needs. We take the time to get to know our customers, so we can create tailor fit programs to meet their specific goals. Contact us today to learn more about why so many companies have chosen us to be their trusted partner.

Let us show you how the right finance partner can help your ROV business soar.

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