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drone delivery

Drone Delivery for Consumer Goods

May 17, 2019

FAA Clears Drone Operator to Fly Beyond Line-of-Sight, Over People for Drone Delivery In a move that highlights efforts by the commercial drone industry and the FAA to capitalize on overseas momentum for drone deliveries, the FAA has authorized Alphabet Inc.’s Wing Aviation unit, a sister unit of search engine Google, to operate a fleet …

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Drones Assisting Whale Research

April 29, 2019

Scientists have been working to determine the effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill on whales in the Gulf of Mexico. Traditionally this work has been done using large research vessels to collect biological samples from whales using small biopsy darts. This method is both cumbersome and requires scientists to disturb the whales to …

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construction management

Using Drones for Construction Management

April 17, 2019

Drone use in commercial construction provides opportunities for teams to create operational efficiencies that were never available before. By viewing the worksite from the air, drones give construction professionals detailed information about inventory stockpiles and placement, site layout design, earth movement measurements and more. Because this information is not easily accessible from the ground, drone …

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precision agriculture

Drones for Precision Agriculture

March 28, 2019

Drones have quickly become an integral part of many industries, as they allow us to reach remote areas in a cost effective manner. One industry that has seen tremendous growth in drone use is precision agriculture. Important for monitoring crop growth, crop loss, parasites, fungi, and much more, drones can increase farm efficiency and improve …

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Kenosha AeroV Financial Headquarters

AeroV Financial Selects Kenosha for Headquarters

March 21, 2019

When Vince Borst, President of AeroV Financial, set out to find a location for his company headquarters, he needed the site to be inspiring. As a pilot with a commercial certificate for single engine airplane (land/sea), instrument, multi-engine (land), helicopter and remote pilot ratings, Vince hoped to find a space near an airport. Thankfully, the …

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How do Commercial Drone Resellers Sell More Equipment?

How do Commercial Drone Resellers Sell More Equipment?

January 10, 2019

Commercial drone manufacturers and resellers are at the beginning of an industry that is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. There is a way for these manufacturers and resellers to generate more sales: equipment financing. This is the most effective way to sell more units and help your customer base be successful. Equipment …

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Commercial Drone Financing

Commercial Drone Financing

January 10, 2019

What is commercial drone financing? The drone industry is relatively new and as such, the community has not been exposed to the normal financing solutions readily available to other types of equipment.  AeroV Financial was established to fill this void and help commercial drone operators procure equipment to generate cash flow. It is vital that …

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UAV Best Practices and Insurance

UAV Best Practices and Insurance

January 4, 2019

With the passage of Part 107 of the FAA regulations, which spells out new and in some instances relaxed rules for commercial operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the market for UAVs, including the military, commercial, and personal use markets is projected to grow exponentially.  The FAA cites industry estimates that the new UAVs rules …

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