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AeroV Financial Proud To Join the AUVSI

The World’s Largest Unmanned Systems Community

AeroV Financial is thrilled to announce that they have become a member of the AUVSI, the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. AUVSI is the world’s biggest non-profit organization committed to the advancement of robotics and unmanned systems. The AUVSI includes professionals and corporations in industry, government, and academia. Their 7,000 plus members, working in the defense, civil, and commercial markets, come from over 60 countries worldwide.

Some of the key objectives of AUVSI are to promote and support the unmanned systems community through communication, education, and leadership. They provide access to industry experts and innovative resources for this fast-paced, continually evolving industry.

AeroV looks forward to getting:

  • Connected with industry “Go-To” people
  • Involved by learning about policies and regulations that encourage industry growth & innovation
  • Informed about industry “best-practices” and various marketing and business opportunities

AUVSI also sponsors a number of international conferences and student competitions each year. This year, the AeroV Financial team was proud to join 8,500 technologists, regulators and users across the commercial and defense markets for AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019. This is the largest, most comprehensive trade show for unmanned and autonomous systems in the world. As adoption spreads and applications expand, XPONENTIAL brought together industry leaders throughout the unmanned systems community to share ideas, collaborate across markets, strategize and capitalize on best practices, discuss emerging trends, and harness the power of unmanned technology for their respective business.

Many Industries Have Changed the Way they Operate

For many different businesses, drones have proven to be important instruments that allow them to work smarter, reduce costs and increase efficiencies that were not possible just a decade ago, before the wide-spread growth of the commercial drone industry.
Professionals in civil infrastructure, agriculture, insurance, energy, mining, and surveying have used commercial drone aerial photography and video in the following ways:

  • Bridge, highway, tower and building inspection
  • For assessing farm fields, crop conditions, yields and moisture levels
  • For damage evaluations and risk analysis
  • Tower and line inspections have improved worker safety and coal inventory monitoring
  • Site road surveys, employee safety improvements and large equipment inspections
  • Accurate property surveys

Commercial Drone Finance Company

AeroV Financial provides industry-leading solutions for commercial drone leasing and financing. With more than 40 years of industry knowledge and successful experience in banking, equipment finance, leasing, aviation and law, the leadership team at AeroV Financial is exceptionally qualified to work with any organization seeking to:

  • Establish a commercial drone operation
  • Finance an expansion

The size or industry doesn’t matter, as AeroV’s financial professionals provide companies of all sizes, in many different markets, the ability to expense equipment over a longer time period, resulting in a positive impact on cash flow and overhead costs.

In addition to important tax advantages under IRS Section 179, equipment financing gives business owners flexibility to purchase other important drone-related equipment like cameras, controllers, LiDar, sensors and computers.

“We are delighted about joining the AUVSI,” said Mark Belanger, CEO of AeroV Financial. “They offer an abundance of critical and beneficial information and innovative resources to our ever-evolving industry. We believe that the great advances in commercial drone technology, along with its continually growing and wide-spread use, will create new opportunities for the equipment financing industry.”

Please contact AeroV Financial to discuss any commercial drone deals - we will work together to get your drone customers financed.

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