How do Commercial Drone Resellers Sell More Equipment?

How do Commercial Drone Resellers Sell More Equipment?

Commercial drone manufacturers and resellers are at the beginning of an industry that is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. There is a way for these manufacturers and resellers to generate more sales: equipment financing. This is the most effective way to sell more units and help your customer base be successful. Equipment financing allows the customer to spread the cost of the equipment over the period the equipment generates revenue. This liquidity helps the customer effectively manage their cash flows. There are also potential tax benefits the customers can take advantage of in the form of Section 179 tax rules.

AeroV can help you integrate equipment financing right into your sales routine with efficiency and speed thereby helping your customer walk away with a sense of accomplishment. AeroV was founded to support the UAV community and serve all aspects of this community to include:

  1. Drone operator direct financing to get the equipment producing cash flow quickly
  2. Manufacturers and resellers in order to streamline the sales process
  3. AeroV will be tracking all data about UAV platforms and parts in order to understand and analyze equipment values.
  4. AeroV will be supporting the data analytics around the data generated by commercial UAV operators.

Let us help you help the drone community.

We'd love to help you with all of your ROV financing questions.



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