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Using Drones for Construction Management

Drone use in commercial construction provides opportunities for teams to create operational efficiencies that were never available before. By viewing the worksite from the air, drones give construction professionals detailed information about inventory stockpiles and placement, site layout design, earth movement measurements and more. Because this information is not easily accessible from the ground, drone use for construction management is becoming the new norm. Read on to find out how drone use can maximize productivity for construction professionals.

Drones for Construction Use

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using drones for construction, especially as the technology and software advance on a daily basis. From land surveys to time-lapsed progressions, drones play an important role in construction surveys. Using scanned information from drones, builders can create virtual worksite environments and 3D maps of the worksite to assess progress. And with a myriad of software applications available, construction managers have the ability to drill down to the data they need.

Construction Inspection Services

Drones are becoming an integral aspect of construction inspection, allowing managers to view previously hard to reach sections of the worksite. Thermal imaging can be used to uncover structural issues or needed repairs, and thanks to drone technology, an analysis which previously took days that now only takes minutes. This ability to capture a large amount of data quickly is truly one of the key benefits drones provide to construction managers. Another benefit of drone use is instant data sharing, allowing teams to understand what is happening at the worksite, helping them make better decisions to advance a building’s progress and meet their timelines.

Inventory Management

Accuracy is key to inventory management and using drones for 3D mapping captures data better than taking the time to walk through a worksite. Inventory changes constantly and the instant data drones provide to teams prevents large change orders and delays. Because of this, stockpile measurements and reports have become an important use for drones at worksites. Drone software calculations are more reliable, providing true data instead of estimates, which allows construction managers to more accurately forecast financials and provides the benefit of tighter supply-chain management.

Building Site Layout Design

An interesting application for drones in construction is building site layout design. Drones aid in various ways, first in pre-construction planning with 3D modeling, and later in confirming job progress. An example of this is using drone data to compare blueprints of the worksite to the 3D model. Another benefit drones offer is by providing initial photographs of the site, allowing teams to get more detailed data about the land as compared with aerial photographs formerly provided by airplanes. And by combining these photographs with the 3D model, teams can better understand and visualize the site layout. Going one step further, an emerging application for the data drones provide in site layout design is to use the scans to create virtual walkthroughs of the project. It’s an amazing combination of technologies that offers many benefits to the industry.

There is no question that drones can be used in all stages of construction to improve accuracy and quality. By using drones for construction management, it provides teams with the ability to use aerial data about the worksite to make better business decisions. And as the construction industry modernizes, drones have become essential to the advancement of the industry. If using drones is something you’d like to incorporate into your operation, AeroV Financial is ready to assist and help you create a solution customized to your requirements.

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